Friday, June 11, 2010

Quite Ad-hoc!

A quick follow up on my previous post..I have made it to the final recruitment stage of the interview for which I landed up late...(thank God!). Its the fourth and final stage and from what I have heard the toughest! Its one whole day of various sorts of assessments from e-tray exercises to group discussions to presentations for senior management AND an interview (phew! good luck to me for that eh?!)

About today...its a day of relaxation for me! I may go out and do some window shopping (thats if the weather improves ...its been raining since morning!). I also plan to catch up on the different blogs I've been following...some are so good that I enjoy almost every post! Kudos to all 'em good bloggers out there (yeah including u if you are lucky! haha!)

I can feel this post being very ad-hoc...maybe that is because of my state of mind today...its so random but I will still continue! I am thinking of writing about the pseudo football fans in a post soon enough...about how during the world cup, EPL or any other football tournament of significant importance, they suddenly show a great interest in the game and sometimes embarrass themselves with the statements they make! As a psychologist I am interested in analysing this sort of behaviour and will definitely do so in an upcoming post! I'm off now to observe and analyse...(not to forget criticize! hehe)

Have a great weekend! :)


Purba said...

So I did get to read the sequel. Congratulations...

Thoughts are meant to be random, adhoc..They follow no logic, no reason.

magiceye said...

good on you girl!!
looking forward eagerly to your next post!