Wednesday, February 11, 2009

To myself...

I feel better today. A LOT better than I've been in the past couple of days. I just thought about all my favourite things and counted all my blessings. That one event seems so trivial now. My dad reminded me about Karma and I instantly saw the wisdom in his words. In fact, just speaking to him yesterday made me feel a lot better :) See, that's one of my greatest blessings!

Let me now relive my snowy experience! It was like a fairy tale! I was playing in the snow with the carefree spirit of child, squealing with laughter when the snow touched my skin and giving various forms to the snow in my hands! It was such pure joy....I have always liked water and to see it in another form was fantastic. My hands did freeze later on but it was all worth it!

I now love staying by myself. I have finally found a friend in me and for that I'm glad. I don't feel lonely any more and have started to enjoy my own company. I find that others are just that...others. They will be there when they need to but you should not expect anything. They have lives of their own and to expect them to give you time is a form of narcissism which I have overcome. I have learnt that I don't need other people to be happy. Personal interactions seem a bit of a bother and I rather not indulge in them. Professional ones are alright because they don't delve into your life and attempt finding out why you are the way you are! I like it like that. I am an introvert who had once tried very hard to mix with other people and was successful but successful to the point that I started disliking my own company. I have now learnt how to detach because I learnt the hard way that attachment is painful.....

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magiceye said...

that was some analysis wow!
way to go girl!!
proud of you!!